Bio 20B - Physiology and Development of Plants and Animalslecture

This course is the second in the introductory biology series for majors. We cover everything from how your brain knows how much fat you have stored on board to how your hand is patterned in development and how plants move to orient to light. This is a large lecture course, but we utilize many active learning techniques in both lecture and discussion section. The course webpage for this course is hosted on Canvas. Bioe 20B is offered every quarter and in the summer.


 Bioe 20B - Active Learning - Physiology and Development of Plants and Animalsactive learning bioe20b 2

This course covers the same content as the large lecture version of this course but we use a partially flipped class model.  This means students watch some of the content on videos using PlayPosit and we use class time to do activities aimed at improving learning and developing scientific skills.  Students also complete a quarter long group project on scientific annotation.  The course webpage for this course is hosted on Canvas.  Bioe 20B – AL is offered 1-2 times per year and is held in the active learning classroom.


NEW COURSE COMING FALL 2019 - Environmental Physiologyelephant

This course will explore how an organism’s physiology interacts with its environment including molecular to whole organism level processes. How do animals thrive in the most diverse regions of Earth?  What is the difference between physiological plasticity and adaptation and what does an animal’s capacity for adaptation mean for its ability to survive or thrive in a rapidly changing climate?  Using a variety of case studies, we will explore the amazing physiological tricks and strategies that organisms have evolved to live in the diverse environments of our planet.