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robin dunkin phdHow do we use good science to be better teachers?

How can learning evidence-based teaching methods make us better scientists? These are questions that I explore every day as both a teacher and learner myself. Through both formal scientific investigation as well as everyday classroom practices I am working to incorporate evidence-based teaching methods to create rigorous, inclusive, and effective classrooms at UCSC. I am honored to be working with several excellent campus partners, and with support to UCSC through HHMI, to study current teaching practices as well as apply evidence-based methods to large lecture and active learning courses. In addition to teaching, I also run the Marine Mammal Stranding Program and mentor undergraduates through several different programs. Learn more about getting involved in our early field research experience program, Survey Slugs, becoming a stranding volunteer, or read more about potential senior thesis opportunities here.

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University of California Santa Cruz
Coastal Biology Building
130 McAllister Way
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
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    Read more about my research on the cost of vocalizations in cetaceans and thermoregulation in elephants.

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    Learn more about ways that undergraduates can get involved in research with the Dunkin Lab.

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